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Baby Gift Box


Baby Gift Box / Disney Baby Paper Box

Gift boxes , rigid paper boxes for baby with disney design printing . Baby gift boxes, 2mm rigid cardboard covered 128 gsm art paper with disney design printing and plastic handles.

Baby Gift Box

Item No. : BB001

Product Name : Baby Gift Box

Material of the baby gift boxes : 2mm rigid paper board , 128 gsm art paper , pink plastic handles , metal button.

Printing of the gift boxes : 4 color printing of the outside of the gift box , disney baby gift box , 4 color disney design printing.

Size of the baby paper box : 24 cm x 8 cm x 16 cm height

There is a heart shaped window on the outside , then you can see the products in the baby disney boxes.

Handles of the boxes : pink transparent plastic handles for the baby keepsake disney boxes.

Inside of the gift boxes : color to be white color , or 1 color printed paper.

This baby gift box is designed by Disney , if you need any similar baby boxes , we can produce them based on your own design or artwork.

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