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Jewelry Boxes for Girls

Jewelry Boxes for Girls

I read a story about jewelry boxes for babies at , if you interested in this story, please let me know. If you want to custom made the jewelry boxes , please also let me know.

The original story as below :

Jewelry boxes for Babies

Kim has a great line of unique jewelry boxes. Now , you might be thinking " But my baby doesn't wear jewelry!" Since my daughter was half Peruvian , she did receive jewelry when she was born, but it was several years before I allowed her to wear it. It would have been great to have a box just for her jewelry.

Even if your baby doesn't have jewelry, these boxes are so cute you will find lots of good use for them. They will look so sweet sitting on your changing table to have a safe place to hold diaper pins or other small things you need for baby.

Your daughter will be so delighted as she get older to have the box for her special jewelry. It will be a great keepsake for her personalized with her name and birthdate.

It is a good idea to custom a jewelry box with baby's name and birthdate!

But we are a paper box manufacturer , it is not good to custom small quantity or just one piece jewelry box , we should produce the bulk jewelry boxes. So if you want to make a jewelry box with your baby's name and birthdate , you can but the plain jewelry boxes , then you can print your baby's name and birthdate on the jewelry box by yourself or at some printing shop for you!

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