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Promotional Gifts Packaging Idea

Promotional Gifts Packaging Idea


Having decided to promote yourself by custom one of the many great flash drives and USB sticks available here you would be mad not to present it in the best possible way. After all presentation is everything, especially if that presentation gives you even more chances to add you logo.

The Round USB Gift Tin for example will hold all standard USB drives and is a very stylish silver finished presentation tin that can easily be laser engraved or printed with any logo or corporate message. The window design of the allows the promotional flash drive and your branding to be readily visible. In a similar style is the Flash Drive Gift Boxes Pack, only with a square tin and window. Both make effective promotion tools.

A very elegant choice in gift or presentation cardboard boxes is the Executive USB Gift Pack. Available in a four color print process the Executive USB Gift Pack has a flip up lid and will display your company logo to perfection. Or to ensure everyone knows what they are getting immediately, the Clear USB Gift Packaging is the way to go. Four colour printing of any design means your logo will be clearly visible to all.

For that extra special promotional gift idea the Flash Drive Pen Box makes an excellent choice. This is a galvanized gift box with silver finish that will hold any USB flash drive pens and provide you with a 100 mm by 40 mm print area. For another in this style the USB Display Box is the right choice. This great box allows your USB with key ring to be clearly seen.

Blister packs are always a smart way to go for inexpensive but secure packaging boxes, especially when you need to handle and distribute large number of promotional gifts. And the extra packaging gives you ample space for your logo or corporate message. The Retail Blister Pack allows for full colour print design with four colour processing. Also available in this line is the Flash Drive Blister Pack with a folding pouch and a large eyelet with contrasting stitching. Also available is the Flash Drive Retail Pack, with four colour printing of your complete design. The flash drive is securely fitted into customised foam and the whole presented in a flip open box.

For every kind of promotional item there is of course a promotional package and the USB lanyard is no exception. The USB Lanyard Packaging is available in a wide range of colours displays the webbed lanyard with plastic clip to perfection. In a similar fashion the USB Wrist Band Packs with display the wrist bands and the four colour process with display your logo.

Packaging is the key to most successful promotion as the full impact of four colour printing can be used to full advantage. In addition this is what your customers will often see first before they pass on to the next conference stall. So if you want to really catch their attention, good packing is the way to go.


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