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11 Gifts for Father's Day

11 Gifts for Father's Day

Gifts for father.Present a unique gift to your father. How to find a unique gift? Pay attention to your father speck in peacetime, which he need. Then you can find which gift fit for him. 

Gift 1 clothing

Re pretty intimate style clothes, with a total or looking to others to wear, comfortable clothes, material comfort, is the family of the index value will be careful. Health is the most fashionable manner, in order to father a selection of clothes before to see what material it is, how comfortable. Suggested that the natural material or high-tech fabrics for best choice. Note: To clear the size of cloth your father to wear, do not buy the wrong! There are a lot of clothes look the effectiveness and the effect of wear are not the same, find the fitted cloth for your father. 

Gift 2 : glasses

With his father to the regular optical shop to do the full visual tests, to choose a pair of new glasses! For him, the frame is not important in the following fashion or not, the key is the quality of the lens. Note: Be sure to bring his father to an optical shop in sight test, otherwise inappropriate bought on wasted!  

Gift 3 : watch

When your father look at the time when each can be thought of this is to present from their children, and others when asked to be especially proud!Note: as far as possible, choose a better quality, higher-grade, good gift box. This can be kept down, from generation to generation, but the price maybe a little expensive! 

Gift 4 : Razor

Very practical gift, use it every day. To buy fully automatic, it was convenient.Note: buy the razor, you should check the quality carefully, and comfortable to use it!  

Gift 5 : Fashion Accessories

Real leather Belts, bags, neckties, digital products, digital picture frames, and even cosmetic ... ... Dad will never admit that they lack these, but if you gave him, he should be very happy?. If you do not disclose the price even more perfect.Recommended practices: Accessories: shoes, bag and tie and so on, we must choose bright colors, and tie in the materials of choice for silk, with the ease you will be beyond imagination.Digital Products: mobile phone,  of course, is the most practical and most can meet the father, "Father's Day vanity", according to father's work or hobbies, from DV to a new fishing rod can be ok. 

Gift 6 : Send a card or have a call

Call back to tell dad your thanks and concern. Send a card, put your mind to write in the electronic card so that people laugh at the animation and intimate text messages for you. This is a best choice for a lot of children who working in the other city. 

Gift 7 : Spend time with Dad!

Father's day today , turned down a temporary party of friends, go home early, not for others just for talking with your father. Have a meal , drink a little wine, take a walk after dinner with your dad at night. 

Gift 8 : Cooking for your father

Usually because of busy with work, entertainment and more, then let mother have a rest today, go to the kitchen for your father. Poor workmanship does not matter ,  the key is that you have done today , because there is a "sauce" in the food- To father's blessing. It must be delicious for your father. 

Gift 9 : Leisure Class

Book: a new book of the author which your father favorited , or books related to his hobby.Record: If Dad wants to hear the old songs, such as crosstalk. Magazines, newspapers and periodicals: provide a copy of his favorite magazines and newspapers.Note: The premise is based on the preference of your father! So be sure to know what your dad likes to ? 

Gift 10 : Gardening Class

Grass plant flowers is a hobby in many elderly people , so children can choose to send seeds, plants or gardening tools. 

Gift 11 : Flowers

A bouquet of yellow carnations or Dendrobium to express your gratitude. In Japan, Taiwan, Dendrobium be regarded as "the flower of father’s love." In addition, the white rose, pansy, Lamei is an ideal gift for Father's Day. Beautiful flowers with nice wrapping paper.

If your father is a social person who often go out, can be sent a social goods. Tie, because the vision of women and men may be different, it is recommended not to send. Watch , belt or men’s perfume is better.If your father is a family person, you can send some home necessities, such as kitchen tool (provided that he likes to cook), or folding drying rack, so he would not say that you spend.The key to look at your father's personality, behavior, and your family background may be. Older, they want to see is their own children have a good future, the whole family warmth. 

The best gift is Gave your father a happy old age!

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How to make a gift box?

How to make a gift box?

When you choose a gift for your friend, partner, baby or lovers, the packing box is very important. Maybe you want to do the gift box by yourself. There are some different ideas for your reference, how to make a gift box by yourself ?

Give them a gift with a presentation as special as the contents. With these simple gift box ideas you can create unique gift boxes that are sure to delight.

How to make a wedding gift box?

Wedding Gift Box


Spool of White Tulle– about 6 feet

Small square folding white gift box

2 Wedding sticker packs, with border strips and corners

1 piece of white card stock for tag, large enough to fit sticker of your choice

8" of sheer 1/8" ivory ribbon

1/8" hole punch


Assemble box and place gift in with tissue paper. Stick corner stickers on all 4 corners of top. Make a design on front of box with stickers, leaving room for top and bottom borders. Put borders all around top and bottom of box, trimming to fit. Starting on top, wrap tulle around box 1 way, make ½ twist, and wrap around box the other way, ending on top. Tie a large bow and trim ends. Put a large sticker on the white cardstock and trim. Punch a hole in edge and thread small ribbon through. Tie onto bow for tag.

Gift Box or Gift Basket

Gift Box or Gift Basket

Here at Zooly Box Source, we are specialiists in all types of gift boxes, gift baskets, and we pride ourselves on our ability to create a gift box which has class and pizzazz. Here, you can find right items , shapes , styles gift boxes, at right prices .

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Green Wedding Favors and Ideas

Green Wedding Favors and Ideas

More wedding gift boxes, green packing gift boxes from Zooly Box Source.

"Green Favors" – Favor Your Guests by Giving Back to the Earth
Believe it or not, every decision you make in planning your wedding also involves our planet. Along with the energies expended by the planes, trains, and automobiles required to bring your loved ones together, you must also consider the water and electricity used during your celebration and that which is needed to clean up after the festivities are over.

Rather than giving your guests a wedding favor that collects dust on a shelf, consider providing them with a gift that gives back to the earth instead. Though a famous frog once said, “It’s not easy bein’ green,” we at Beau-coup would beg to differ—especially when it comes to doling out environmentally friendly wedding favors. Some wedding trends may change with the times, but saving the Earth will never go out of style. Tootsie Pop.

Our suggestions for eco-friendly wedding favors are certain to provide your guests with some helpful ideas for saving the environment:

Eat it up. Edible favors are one of the best ways to fill your guests up without leaving waste behind. Cookies, mini-pies, or tarts are always appreciated. Or, you might look for something that is local to the area like Vermont maple syrup, Kansas City barbeque sauce, or Georgia pecans. If nothing comes to mind, take a trip to your locatl farmer s market, and pick up something fresh home-harvested honey, a collection of locally grown fruit, or organic herbal tea. Beau-coup offers whole leaf organic tea sachet favors that can be personalized with our mini oval custom labels. Not sure if your guests drink tea? Choose chocolate instead (organically grown and produced in accordance with fair trade practices, of course). Endangered Species offers organic milk and dark chocolate bars ( Each wrapper features a different animal at-risk, and a portion of the proceeds helps save the species. These gifts are sure to leave a good taste in your guests mouths at the end of the night.

Make a toast. Send your guests home with a half bottle of locally produced organic wine, and they will have good reason to toast you in the months after your wedding. Organic wines are free of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and other synthetic chemicals. In non-organic wine production, chemical residue from insecticides that are sprayed in the vineyards may be absorbed by the soil, which is in turn absorbed by the plants’ roots. Buying organic ensures that your guests have a bottle of wine which is chemical-free—and it guarantees a cleaner and safer environment for us all. Try to ensure that the bottle is made from recycled glass whenever possible, too. If you can buy unlabeled wine, dress up your bottles with personalized wine labels and put your special brand on your special day.

Plant a tree. Who knew that a tree could fit in a box? For a mere $3, the National Arbor Day Foundation offers a variety of baby trees in recyclable plastic tubes. You can even personalize the label to commemorate your wedding day. Guests can plant the tree outside, grow it indoors for months, or even store it in a refrigerator. For tropical weddings, give your guests mini palm trees to take home. They’ll evoke the balmy, sandy beaches in no time. And finally, Tree in a Box provides just that—a kit with everything your guests need to grow a tree from a seed. Let your guests plant their memories right in their own backyards— and your wedding really will be something they enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Scatter seeds of love. A wise person once said, “Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower.” If that’s true, then why not send your guests home with seeds of happiness? Beau-coup offers personalized plantable seed cards and Baby Sprinkles plantable seed favors that are certain to remind guests of your love with each blooming flower. The seed cards can even be custom printed with your names, a personal message, and the date of your event. Or, you might consider giving your guests a mini palm plant or a lucky bamboo plant. They’ll bring your guests luck that’ll last long after your wedding!

Keep it clean. Natural soaps, lotions, and handcrafted lip balms can make amazing gifts. The lack of chemicals and the handcrafting process used to make these items minimizes the likelihood that they will cause any skin irritation or dryness for your guests. And in addition to smelling nice, the essential oils often found in these products are thought to have their own healing powers. Lavender bath salts can help your guests relax, while a bar of peppermint soap will help wake them up the next morning. So if your wedding goes late, they’ll have just what they need to recover from the festive evening!

Pass the flame. Soy wax candles burn up to 50 percent longer than petroleum-based paraffin candles—and they produce less soot. That means the burning of soy candles does not increase the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere. Soy is a renewable resource, which gives it an obvious advantage over petroleum-based paraffin. In addition, soy candles burn at a lower temperature, which allows the scent of essential oils in the candle to disperse faster. Soy wax candles are also cheaper than beeswax (another natural wax alternative). Though they might be more expensive than paraffin candles, this cost is outweighed by a longer burning life. But if, after hearing this, we still haven’t convinced you to use soy wax candles, it’s none of our beeswax.

Donate to a good cause. Your guests’ presence at your wedding can do more than support the two of you—it can also support a worthy charity. The I Do Foundation’s Favors for Charity program enables you to make tax-deductible donations to the charity of your choice. You can give a set amount or donate a couple of dollars per guest. It’s a great way to honor a loved one or remember that special someone who cannot be there on your big day. Add a note to the program or inside the escort card that reads “A donation has been made in your name to (the name of the charity).” If you wish to explain why you chose a certain charity, you may want to create personalized donation cards (but of course this will use more paper, so make sure it’s recyclable).

Wrap it up nicely. Be sure to use handmade, fair trade gift-wraps and recycled containers for packaging your favors whenever possible. Beau-coup offers modest mini gable boxes constructed from a single piece of sturdy, recycled, eco-friendly cardboard. We also have sheer favor pouches made of sinamay, a natural fiber from the Philippines with a great classic look. But if those aren’t your bag, check out our mini floral favor bags, made from textured mulberry paper that contains hand-pressed natural flower petals. Our green wrappings are sure to tie your favors together perfectly!

Shrink your carbon footprint. The travel involved to bring your loved ones together is often the biggest contributor to your wedding’s carbon footprint. Use the wedding calculator at to estimate your carbon footprint—then make a donation to the cause and offset the impact of your wedding on our planet.

You may find that eco-friendly favors cost a bit more than the alternatives, but you only have one wedding. Favor your guests—and the planet at the same time. Beau-coup is happy to preserve wedding traditions by providing modern green suggestions for you. In doing so, we preserve the Earth for the generations of children that are certain to result from so many happy unions.

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