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Small Printed Cardboard Boxes


Rigid cardboard covered printed art paper , small size , bottom box with connected lid , foam insert to hold the gift in the box , golden logo hot stamping on the top lid of the small printed cardboard boxes.

Item No. : GB128

Product Name : small cardboard gift box

Samll Printed Cardboard Boxes

Material : 1.5 mm rigid cardboard , 128 gsm art paper , foam insert, satin ribbon

Size : small boxes, small size gift boxes in 12 cm x 12 cm x 15 cm height

Printing : outside is grey color printing , inside is orange color printing

Logo : golden color hot stamping logo on the top lid

Structure : bottom box with connected lid

Foam insert : it is a foam with fabric to hold the gifts packed into the gift box

Packing : 1 piece small cardboard box into a polybag, 24 pieces printed cardboard boxes into a strong carton.

Custom Printing Small Cardboard Boxes

Send us your artwork of the box you need, then we can print the cardboard box based on your design.

Zooly box can provide many styles of gift boxes, rigid paper boxes, gift boxes with lids, cardboard round boxes, hat boxes, Wholesale Hat Boxes, etc.

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