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Small Decorative Cosmetic Boxes


Small Decorative Cosmetic Boxes

Custom made Small Decorative Cosmetic Boxes based on your requirements. We are a gift boxes, cosmetic boxes and jewelry boxes manufacturer in China, custom leather cosmetic boxes from our factory now.

Rigid paper board covered green pu leather, white flock fabric, small round mirror, it is a nice decorative small cosmetic gift box.

Decorative Cosmetic Boxes

Item No.: ZB004

Product Name : Small Decorative Cosmetic Box

Material of the cosmetic box : 2 mm rigid paper board , green color high quality pu leather, white color high quality suede fabric , silver color button, decorative flower, sewing smooth, clear mirror in round shape, pu leather handles.

Size of the small cosmetic box : 18 cm x 16 cm x 6 cm

We can produce the decorative cosmetic boxes based on your sizes.

Color of outside : it is very light green pu leather , baby green color. We can use other color pu leather for this cosmetic box, like red, yellow, purple , pink or other colors you interested in.

Small mirror : it is very thin mirror , round shaped mirror on inside of the lid.

Handles : same color , green pu leather with sewing around the edge, soft and strong handle.

Decorative : small button , flowers , handles to decorate this gift cosmetic box, hope you can like it.

If you have any good idea, or nice design of the cosmetic boxes, please contact us, we can do the new cosmetic box based on your ideas.

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