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Foldable Boxes


Foldable Boxes

Paper gift boxes , foldable box can flat packing to save the shipping freight for customers. Rigid paper board covered printed art paper with matt lamination , golden paper for the inside of the foldable boxes.

Paper Folding Box

Folded paper box compose : botton box can fold , with a lid not foldalbe. Foldable bottom box with a square lid box.

Gift Box size : 22.5 x 22.5 x 8 cm , lid height : 3.5 cm

Printing : purple color on the art paper , golden logo on the top of the lid , golden website printing on the sides of the lid of folding paper boxes.

Material of the folding gift box : 1.5 mm rigid paper board with 128 gsm art paper , 120 gsm special gold paper for inside of the botton box and lid.

Closure : 4 hidden magnets on the four corners of the botton box , to keep the box can stand.

Packing : 1 foldable box with a lid into a polybag

Folded Gift Boxes

Foldable Boxes

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